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Snowy Mountain

Marshall McElhinney, MA, LMFT

Director of Clinical Operations
Iowa City Site Coordinator



421 East Market Street, Iowa City, IA 52245


About Me

I believe one of the bravest things you can do is to understand your own story and break free from the traps that hold us back from change. You are brave because you are here. One quote that resonates with me is from Carl Whitaker, who once wrote, “Until you break with your patterns, the rut continues to deepen. Life goes on, but living dies”. 


I believe therapy helps to break your patterns, stop the rut from deepening, and work towards finding ways to make your life full. Throughout my career working with individuals and families experiencing hardships, I have witnessed how being unheard and misunderstood creates a sense of feeling judgement and shame.  I want to help by creating a space for healing and advancement by honoring that those experiences are a source of pain. I tailor my approach to you and feel grateful to witness your journey of navigating through challenges in order to work towards growth and healing. 


Starting this experience can be overwhelming at first but, I want to say, that I whole-heartedly accept who you are, as you are, when you walk in the door.  My work is through a non-pathologizing lens to build restorative relationships with my clients. I believe that when building these relationships, it works best to focus on connecting on a human-to-human emotional level in order to achieve whatever solutions and life changes you want to make. I am trained in numerous systemic therapy models that focuses around the client’s experiences and perspectives. Through my genuine presence and authentic approach, I create a space for courage, playfulness, collaboration, and offer challenges to empower clients towards the growth and wellness they are seeking.


I received my masters degree in marriage and family therapy from Mount Mercy University and a temporary licensed marriage and family therapist. Prior to completing my degree, I spent the last 10 years counseling teenagers and families that have been involved with the juvenile court system.

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