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Snowy Mountain

Rachel Brookens, MA, tLMFT

Doctoral Fellow


700 16th Avenue NE Suite 206 Cedar Rapids, IA 52402


About Me

Embarking on the journey of growth and healing is a courageous undertaking. I seek to honor your autonomy and provide a space where creative expression, curiosity, and ingenuity might collide to present you with new avenues to explore. You are the meaning maker, the adventurer, the expert of your life and experiences. You are also your greatest opportunity for change.

Your truth is valid and important, it has affirming space and respect here.

If you are curious to explore the profound power of choice, the space between a circumstance and your response to it, and in deepening the authentic connection you have to yourself and others, we may be a wonderful fit. In practice, I work to acknowledge and empower you through the mind-body connection within the realm of healing we engage together. I approach the artistry of our collaboration through an attachment and trauma-informed lens, while working to deconstruct and reconstruct meaning within an existential framework. There are many emotions that present themselves along the path of healing, and I welcome them all into this space, I will hold them with you. I will also challenge you and laugh with you.

I completed my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at Mount Mercy University. I am currently pursuing a PhD specializing in advanced couples therapy with Mount Mercy University.

It is a true privilege to co-create new possibilities as I sit with my clients- individuals, families, and couples.

I am especially drawn to working with various life cycle transitions such as adults on their journey to authentic self-discovery, couples becoming new parents, couples and families expanding or wanting to redefine themselves, trauma recovery, chronic illness, and conscious intentional parenting support to nurture secure attachment in children.

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